As the end of the year approaches, the harbinger of mankind's doom makes his appearance. He is no pale rider; he's clad in crimson instead. There is no horse to signal his arrival, but he brings with him a stone appendage cast in red. He's also really adorable.

After announcing the Baby Hellboy figure at San Diego Comic-Con this past summer, Mondo's finally opened up pre-orders for the pancake-loving bringer of our extinction. Created in conjunction with Mike Mignola, Baby Hellboy is the first sixth-scale figure Mondo hopes to release within the Hellboy universe, but more importantly, it's the first time the itty-bitty version of the monster hunter has been brought to life.

The figure will have just six points of articulation, which will help preserve the pose from the original picture taken during his arrival during World War II. To that point, that's the only version of the character Mondo had to work with when developing the figure, meaning the creative team had come up with what Hellboy would look like in 3D. Mignola of course helped a bit in the design, but for all intents and purposes, until this figure came about, nobody had ever thought about what that little demon butt might have to look like.

The exclusive edition of the figure also includes the Crown of the Apocalypse, which you can place atop his head if you truly hope Hellboy is the bringer of the end of the world. As you can see from the images, it's not just a tiny little crown, but also includes some hellfire to complete the picture. It's wonderfully rendered, and really sets the aesthetic for the exclusive version.

The whole figure captures Mignola's style quite well, which is often hard to do with artists that have such a signature style. Then again, Baby Hellboy doesn't have the fully formed body of the adult version, and you can play a little looser with the heavy angles Mignola is so known for. Those strong lines definitely still show through in the face, and give the hellish cherub some personality.

The Baby Hellboy sixth-scale figure is available for pre-order now for $37. The Mondo exclusive version is also available to pre-order for the next 72 hours for $40.


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