Amid the flurry of new superhero TV series in development, NBC’s Constantine never quite caught on the way DC’s A-List CW stars or even Marvel’s minimalist approach did. Now, a report has surfaced suggesting NBC might formally have pulled the plug on Constantine, leaving the demon-fighting detective without a home (for now).

Take this one with a minor grain of salt for now, as past rumors of Constantine potentially moving to Syfy turned out not to be true, but BuzzFeed‘s current report on TV renewals and cancellations definitively lists Constantine in the latter column. Some might believe a Constantine decision still up for grabs, particularly before NBC’s Upfront presentations, though a tweet from credible BuzzFeed source Kate Aurthur goes out of the way to suggest NBC’s Constantine cancellation as final:

When last we heard, executive producer Daniel Cerone claimed of Constantine’s fate that the writing staff would pitch Season 2 ideas in late April, but NBC may yet have decided the DC drama beyond saving. Constantine at least maintained a sizable social media presence, and significant growth in airing Syfy reruns, but given NBC’s current state, it seems unlikely the network would take any measured risks.

We’ll see what happens in the coming month as NBC solidifies its plans for the fall, but might Constantine have battled his last demon? Might Netflix or any other network look to add another comic property with a second season of the occult DC drama?