Earlier this month fans caught a glimpse of J.G. Jones' colored "First Wave" #1 cover featuring Batman, The Spirit and Doc Savage over at DC's The Source blog.

Now, in anticipation for the series launch in the new year, readers can feast their eyes on Neal Adams' take on the testosterone trinity of "First Wave" at the artist's Web site.

While the cover art's issue number is currently unknown, it's possible that it's a variant for issue #1. Of course, with those heroic poses, it's just as likely that it's a cover for a subsequent issue. Either way, this is a group Adams seems born to draw together.

The Brian Azzarello-helmed series won't get cooking until 2010, but the new universe's debut in the pages of the "Batman/Doc Savage" Special back in November has me more than a little excited for the continued adventures set in this continuity.

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