We've already gotten a look at one previously unnamed character appearing in Batman: Arkham Origins this week, but some new screenshots from the WB Games Montreal title show Firefly isn't the only surprise in store.

One of the shots depicts Batman getting ready to pummel some rabbit-masked thugs point pretty clearly to The Mad Hatter, who we actually saw in a previous image. Other images include Anarky and his thugs, much closer looks at Firefly, and a glimpse of a sword-wielding woman who looks a whole lot like she could be Katana.

Perhaps this katana-wielding warrior facing off with Deathstroke is just a henchwoman for someone else, but the red and gray motifs and overall Arkham-y costume design seem like a decent fit for Katana. Fans already know they'll be able to play as Robin in Arkham Origins' multiplayer, and since Katana is serving as Batman's semi-sidekick on the new Beware the Batman CG animated series, it seems like now is a fine time to introduce her in the Arkham games... even if it's just a cameo.