One of more interesting stories to come out the weekend didn't come out C2E2 -- which by most accounts had a very strong first showing -- but rather the retailer summit that preceded the Chicago convention. The biggest news? Diamond Comics Distributors is considering moving new comic book day from Wednesday to Tuesday.

As first reported at iFanboy, Diamond posted the question to comics retailers at the summit to gauge how they would feel about making the shift at their stores. iFanboy says that "Tuesday releases narrowily won out" after a show of hands, while Heidi MacDonald at the Beat reported that retailers favored the shift 60/40. Either way, it seems like the response was mostly positive, with some recalcitrance about changing things up. Which, honestly, is to be expected -- making any major change in the way you do your job always involves a period of pain, at least until you adjust to the new status quo.

Changing the release date would obviously involve changing the day that many shops get books, although Diamond is talking about finally standardizing the release date to all shops; right now it varies, with some shops getting their books on Wednesday and others getting them a day early, on Tuesday. The proposed shift would also involve ALL stores getting their books a day early, on Monday. Given that spoilers and leaks and serious business, particularly for Marvel and DC, that could open the door for more problems, although according to MacDonald, Diamond has proposed a $5 surcharge to fund a "Street Date Team" to spot-check shops and make sure they aren't selling comics early.Nothing has been decided for certain yet, but how would you feel about shifting new comic book day earlier? Would it mess with your schedule, or would it just be the same stuff, different day?