Swipes: As a fan of shirtless Batman and shirtless Morrison, we only wish this were a swipe. But we can still DREAM. [Bleeding Cool]

Survey Says: Randall Munroe of "xkcd" asks his readers to take a color naming survey, and the results are illuminating.

"Here are the color names most disproportionately popular among men: 1. Penis, 2. Gay, 3. WTF, 4. Dunno, 5. Baige... I weep for my gender."

In the Ghetto
: Dear aspiring writers, PLEASE DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS WOMAN. [Robot6]

"There are writers with storytelling talent strong enough to bend light waves, but they may not be wordsmiths. A graphic novel might be just the thing for them."

Direct Market: By announcing that it will also be offering its entire line through Haven Distribution as well, Boom! Studios has just given a great, big middle finger to Diamond Comics Distributors -- but who among us has never wanted to do that? Diamond has long been a virtual monopoly in the industry and isn't particularly invested in the little guy -- see: the order minimums that cut many small press comics out of the Diamond catalog -- although there didn't seem to be much of an alternative.

But after running into repeated issues with getting the discounts they wanted for retailers, Boom decided to find another way, by expanding its existing distribution deal with Haven to its entire line, and offering a 50% discount off cover price to retailers. As Johanna Draper Carlson commented, "This shows that people aren't scared of Diamond any more, and they now have options."

Old School: Have you checked out the Rosebud Archives? Some very pretty prints, very reasonably priced.

Up and Coming: Brian Heater of the Daily Cross Hatch heads to the School of Visual Arts "Fresh Meat" event to check out the cartoonists of tomorrow.

Previews: Would you like an advance look at the upcoming "Queen and Country" novel, "The Last Run"? Greg Rucka has one for you!

LOST: The next issue of "The Believer" will include a huge fold-out 35-inch fold-out comic about "Lost" from Dash Shaw ("Bottomless Belly Button") and Jesse Moynihan. [via ADD]