Mike Hawthorne is a talented and versatile artist whose work has appeared all over the American comics industry for many years, and whose biggest break we're pleased to announce has finally come with a new stint on the standout Marvel NOW title Deadpool. Hawthorne will be following the esteemed Tony Moore on the second arc of Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan's action/comedy book starring Wade Wilson, the anarchic "Merc with a Mouth" whose recent adventures have seem him go to war with the zombified corpses of America's dead presidents. A contributor to such adventure titles as Conan: Road of Kings and G.I. Joe: Origins; darkly funny comics like The Exterminators, The Un-Men, Fear Agent and The Goon; and just straight up violent-and-dark-as-hell comics like Grendel: Red, White & Black, Hawthorne is a fine choice for the uniquely gruesome and frequently hilarious Deadpool. His romcom with Antony Johnston, Three Days in Europe, is also a great little book (if you can find it).

Hawthorne's Deadpool run begins in April, and is heralded by this teaser image illustrated by the legendary Arthur Adams. Click on for the higher-resolution version.

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