I've been having some paranoia about the robot community lately -- though it's not entirely unfounded, I'll tell ya -- so it's nice to find some reassurance that sometimes, just sometimes, robots are still utterly awesome.

The kind folks at Nuthin' But Mech are responsible for reminding me that robots are still cool and aren't all out to get us. Several illustrators have joined together for this cybernetic-centric blog that showcases a variety of robot sketches, including a golfing robot by Steve Burg, this samurai robo-warrior by Francis Tsai and some cool soldierbots by Jake Parker.

Sure, the existence of samurai warrior robots and gun-toting killer machines shouldn't do much to curb my android anxieties, but hey - these are drawings, not remote-controlled Gundams that can literally kick the poo out of me in one deft maneuver. It's kind of like getting too close to a dangerous animal in the zoo; it's in a cage, so it's all good. But you wouldn't mock a lion in the wild; that's their turf, and that's suicide.Such is the same with these illustrated robots. They are fantastic to gawk at on my computer monitor. Sit one down in my living room for tea and scones, and I'd be whistling a very different blog post.

[Link via Drawn!]