Captain America and Thor are getting some much-deserved action figure attention this summer thanks to their respective cinematic debuts and it looks like they'll be heartily joined by some previously-unseen plastic antagonists. Cap will have to contend with both comic book and movie style Red Skulls, while the Marvel Universe line will face the fury of the murderous clone/robot Thor packed with the fallen former Giant Man Bill Foster. See new images of the upcoming villains after the jump.
According to images on Chinese language sites TARDIS and Gum 5, two versions of the Red Skull will attack The First Avenger action figure series. It's important to point out that the movie version based on Hugo Weaving's character is most likely a production sample since its sans package, but it looks promising. I'm hoping he comes with a removable human "mask" or a swappable head.

The classic Red Skull toy would seem to stem from an as-yet unannounced First Avenger comics-style wave and comes decked out with a very Kirby head sculpt. If this is the final version, it looks like fans can expect a Mauserish gun and a cane for accessories.

Gum 5's images of Robot (Clone) Thor from Wal-Mart's exclusive 12" Gigantic Battles Bill Foster Giant Man is pretty much the same figure as the Secret Wars classic Thor, but with repainted knee pads and a new head sculpt revealing the machinery within. Considering Clor's carnage, most Civil War readers will want a 3.75" Marvel Universe series Hercules to deal with him soon.

See the two new Red Skull and "Clor" figures below:

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