Cartoon Network's version of the Teen Titans is coming back to DC Comics this December, and the new digital-first series will share the same comedic backbone as the Teen Titans Go! cartoon, according to the writers.

Like the cartoon, the comic will be about "the interaction between the characters," said writer Merrill Hagan, who will alternate arcs with Sholly Fisch.

The new Teen Titans Go! book will be part of DC's digital-first line of comics, but unlike the other books in the line, the digital versions of which are released weekly, with monthly print books, this series will have monthly digital installments with bimonthly print editions.

The series will also use DC's "DC2" technology, most recently used on the Batman '66 digital comic,  to enhance the digital reading experience.

Interestingly, this is DC's second comic to bear the Teen Titans Go! title. The first, which ran for 55 issues from 2003-2008 (42 and counting of which are available on ComiXology), served as the tie-in to the initial Teen Titans cartoon, which the TTG! animated series is itself a spinoff of.

Here's the awesome first-issue cover by Dan Hipp, the art director on the Teen Titans Go!:



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