If colors seem a little brighter, food tastes a little better and the air smells a little sweeter today than it did yesterday, there's a good reason for that. Things have changed, my friends: We are now living in a world where Jeff Parker and Jonathan Case's Batman '66 comic exists, and everything is a little more wonderful than it was before.

To say that I've been eagerly anticipating this comic since it was announced is understating things quite a bit. I love the Batman TV show with a passion, Parker's been one of my favorite writers in comics for years, and the previews of Case's art were pretty much perfect. Now that it's out, though, the most amazing thing for me is that it's actually better than I expected it to be -- and that doesn't happen often.

Parker and Case aren't just telling a story in the style of the TV show, although they nail the rhythms and the look of the show perfectly -- I'm particularly fond of the moral instruction that Batman gives to Robin during their pursuit of the bad guy. They're combining all that stuff with the kind of storytelling that you can only do in digital comics.

If you've read the Thrillbent comics, you already know what I'm talking about: Using static panels and revealing new elements with each "page turn," adding dialogue, revealing new information as the reader continues, controlling the pace in a way that you just can't do on paper. Comixology's co-founder, John Roberts, worked with Parker and Case to format the story for the Guided View technology -- something I don't usually like unless I'm reading a comic on my phone -- and ended up using it to some of the best effect I've seen, like when a scene ends and they crank up the color saturation for effect:




It's awesome, and incredibly fun to read. It was the first thing I read when I woke up, and now I'm kind of mad that I did, because now I'm facing a long week until the second part drops.

You can grab Batman '66 #1 on Comixology right now for 99 cents, and while there's definitely going to be a printed version available in time for San Diego, this is the way you should read it. It's well worth it, and is without question my favorite DC book of the year so far.

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