Nick Edwards whips up some surreal maelstroms in his crowded battle scenes and sketch artwork. His wandering doodles erupt in planet-sized collages of awesome, as well as an occasional Spider-Man cover homage or Adventure Time print. Go back into his archives and you may even see some old school Jim Davis-looking comics.
Edwards shares his stuff on his Blogspot blog, where you'll see all manner of gooey, raging monsters and manifestations. His style packs the beaming happiness of a Jeffrey Brown book in with lots of warping organic mayhem in the spirit of a souped-up Dash Shaw page.

Comics and indie art followers should definitely check his work out. He's got reams and reams of sketchbook pages that are absolutely overflowing with fun, mutated versions of Garfield, Homer Simpson and other familiar faces. It's like his brain just churns out Where's Waldo? editions that were designed by Johnny Ryan and Salvador Dalí.

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