Everything old is new again, and that's as true with Marvel superheroes as anywhere else, including intergalactic space police with shiny helmets. Next month, heroes of the past and present team up in Ramón Pérez, Jeff Loveness and Ian Herring's Nova #1, and Marvel has provided us with a first look at Perez's pages from the first issue.

The new series sees Sam Alexander learning how to be a better Nova from Richard Rider, as Rider himself learns how to be human again after being trapped in the Xandarian Worldmind since his brush with death in the Cancerverse. The first issue also seems to feature Ego The Living Planet, who is always a favorite to see, and will be getting a much bigger profile next year thanks to the new Guardians of the Galaxy film.

Ramón Pérez's art looks absolutely stunning, and the perfect choice to take Nova into some Jim Starlin-esque cosmic trippiness, which is something that has been missing from Marvel's space based books for quite a while. The publisher seems to be focusing a lot on the divide between the younger and older generation of heroes recently, so hopefully seeing Sam and Richard get on will be a nice breath of fresh air.

Check out the preview below:


Ramón Pérez


Ramón Pérez (Click for full size)


Ramón Pérez


Francesco Mattina


Khoi Pham


Christian War


Here’s the solicitation information for Nova #1:

Teaser art variant BY FRANCESCO MATTINA
Action Figure Variant Cover by JOHN TYLER CHRISTOPHER
ICX Variant Cover by TBA
CLASSIFIED makes his roaring return to the Marvel Universe! How will Sam Alexander cope with this unfathomable homecoming? It’s the return you’ve all been waiting for. Or is something…else? Strap in True Believer, you’ve never seen a NOVA book like this before!
32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99