In an open letter posted to its Tumblr Tuesday and signed by the full editorial staff, comics publisher Oni Press announced it was ending its relationship with ULine, the supplier of Oni's office and packaging supplies for years, over ULine's ties to Family-PAC, a political organization based in Illinois that describes itself as "pro-family."

In particular, Family-PAC lobbied heavily against the recently enacted law that legalized gay marriage in Illinois. Oni described the organization as one whose "core espoused beliefs run counter to the beliefs we hold vital and true." See the full letter after the jump.




According to Crain's Chicago Business, ULine's CEO, Richard Uihlein, has contributed almost $4 million to national tea party candidates and $1.8 million to "conservative causes and candidates in Illinois."

Oni stated in its letter: "Everyone is entitled to their opinions and beliefs, but it is also up to us whether we choose to support them."


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