In a world where even the game Battleship -- in which the object is to get so bored that someone goes off and invents video games -- can be adapted into the form of a movie, it seems like there's no game that can't be fleshed out by an enterprising filmmaker. Occasionally, they even look good. That's definitely the case with Pac-Man: The Movie, a fan-film by James Farr that casts the eternally hungry hero as the product of a top secret government project. Check out the (pretty awesome) trailer after the cut!

The great thing about Pac-Man: The Movie is that it's just weird enough to work, dragging in everything from cherries and pretzels to an arcade joystick and hammering it into a plot that somehow manages to make sense. The melodrama's a hoot, the ghosts look fun, the action is nice and quick... The only thing I don't like about it is that the "Polymorphic Autonomous Compound Manipulator" (geddit?) that Farr is presenting doesn't seem to be in continuity with the Irving Pacman who once hung out with Santa Claus.

Or is it?!

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