It wasn't that long ago that we brought you the announcement of ABC Disgusting, a new alphabetical picture book from Action Comics writer Greg Pak and artist Takeshi Miyazawa that's currently being funded on Kickstarter. This week, the project met its goal, and in celebration of that fact, Pak sent us a set of preview pages featuring lettering by comics veteran Simon Bowland!

Check them out below --- along with the announcement of stretch goals for the project --- but be warned that there is so much farting. So much farting.






And here are the upcoming stretch goals:

$26,000 - If the funding hits this level, the team will supersize the stickers that come with all physical rewards, creating 6"x9" sticker sheets that feature multiple peel-off stickers of disgusting things drawn by Takeshi Miyazawa.

$30,000 - At this funding level, every backer will get an mp3 of an original "ABC Disgusting" theme song written and performed by the great singer-songwriter Jane Lui, whose incredible work can be viewed here and here.

$40,000 - At this level, every backer will get a digital copy of a WHOLE 'NOTHER CHILDREN'S BOOK written by Greg and illustrated by Tak with glorious black-and-white art! Title and story to be revealed if and when the team hits the $30,000 stretch goal.

$50,000 - At this level, Greg will eat ketchup on cantaloupe -- and post a video to prove it.

$100,000 - At this level, Greg will make and drink (part of) a mayonnaise milkshake -- and post a video to prove it.



While an entire extra book and a theme song are pretty neat, I think the question we all need to ask ourselves here is, "How much money are we willing to give to Greg Pak to force him to eat terrible things for our amusement?" The campaign runs for another week, so decide soon.