If you're a fan of Paolo Rivera, you probably became familiar with the Eisner Award-winning artist because of his work on Mythos, The Amazing Spider-Man or Daredevil. But what you might not have known is that, before his Marvel work, Rivera sculpted statues for Dynamic Forces. His first professional work was a sculpted bust of Mystique, and he followed that up by working on a full statue of Red Sonja. The project was meant to only take a few weeks, but that slowly turned into two full months. On his blog, Rivera talked about the process, and posted a video chronicling his work on the statue.




From his blog:

As you can probably guess, a few weeks turned into 2 full months of intense noodling. Aside from the challenge of being my first full figure, the mass production process required it to be divided into several pieces — what ended up being 6 in all. I let the professionals do the casting and painting this time, as I had learned my lesson with Mystique.



The entire post is fascinating, as all of Rivera's essays on his process are. To read the full thing, head over to his blog. And you can watch the video below:






[Via Robot 6]

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