Just as common as the annual blockbusters based on comic book properties are the immediate discussions (read: arguments) among fans about the errors in each film. Have problems with a few continuity issues in The Dark Knight Rises? For everyone who agrees, there's a person out there who is more than willing to tell you how incredibly stupid wrong you are. And sure to spark even more always-calm-and-never-at-all-contentious internet debate is Jeremy Scott, the creator of Cinema Sins, a new series of videos that serve as an attempt to humorously capture as many errors in movie continuity as possible in two minutes or less. He's already said The Avengers is next on his list, but his first installment? The Amazing Spider-Man.

You can check out the video, and let us know what other movies you think should be on Scott's list, after the cut. Warning: there are several spoilers ahead.

(Via Wired)

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