Earlier in the year, Fox announced that it would be producing an animated adaptation of Axe Cop. The news was met with near universal excitement from fans of the self-explanatory comic book series, and the idea was seen as a perfect fit for the network's upcoming Animation Domination HD block.

To give fans an idea of what's to come, Fox has released a Halloween-themed Axe Cop short, the first bit of animation we've seen for the upcoming show. In perhaps the most inspired (or maybe obvious) comics-adaptation casting since Patrick Stewart was given the role of Professor X, Nick Offerman, also known as Ron Swanson of NBC's Parks and Recreation, is the voice of Axe Cop. Full video after the cut.

The result of a collaboration between professional cartoonist Ethan Nicolle and his then-five-year-old brother Malachai, Axe Cop first appeared in 2009 (the website was launched the next year, after initial installments were posted to Facebook) and quickly won over readers with its mix of ridiculousness, kid logic, and insane ideas that were too awesome to ignore. Picked up by Dark Horse in 2010, the strip has gone on to crossover with webcomic Dr. McNinja, inspire fan movies as well as win multiple awards and be named as one of the Top Ten Graphic Novels for Teens in the 2012 Young Adult Library Services Association Awards.

The Axe Cop cartoon is meant to air in April 2013. It's not known yet whether or not Offerman will be the regular voice of Axe Cop, but given the recent connection made between his Parks and Recreation character and another popular comic, it would seem his involvement in any sort of comics project would be more than welcome.

(Via MTV Geek)

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