Religious fervor among Star Wars fans is no rarity. Take the International Church of Jediism, for instance. Patrick King's Star Wars artwork exhibits a similar level of piety melding some traditional Christian symbolism with recognizable costumed characters from the Empire's ranks. King even goes as far as to make them saints.
There probably aren't many galactic citizens under Imperial control who would vote to canonize Darth Vader, but in the print you'll find on King's website (and his Etsy page) that's precisely what the man formerly known as Anakin Skywalker is depicted as. He's got a halo of light behind his head and a lightsaber in his hand.

Of course, his TIE Fighter pilots and Scout Troopers seems to be equally beatified, so all of these sainthoods being passed around could confuse the Imperial military hierarchy. Then again, the Sith probably don't recognize Catholic saints anyway. Judge for yourself below.