Following the success of The Avengers movie, all eyes have been on "Phase 2" of the Marvel cinematic universe. With Captain America, Thor and of course Iron Man locked into sequels and Guardians of the Galaxy shaping up, the two-Avengersverse-movies-deep Hulk has been the source of the most persistent rumors. The most recent? A possible Planet Hulk sequel, adapting Greg Pak and Carlo Pagulayan's 2006-2007 storyline that saw Hulk jettisoned off to a planet in turmoil where he fought gladiator-style to survive. The film could have potentially set up a World War Hulk-themed Avengers sequel based on Greg Pak and John Romita Jr's followup storyline that brought the Jade Giant back to Earth... angry. According to Avengers director Joss Whedon, however, the rumor is "nonsense."The rumor was originally reported by Latino Review, and later disputed by a report on Ain't It Cool News. IGN went straight to the source, however, asking Whedon directly if Planet Hulk is in the works.

"Well, I'm really not supposed to comment, but no, that's nonsense," Whedon told IGN.

While directors and producers are known for spreading ambiguous information in an effort to keep audiences guessing, Mark Ruffalo's popular turn as Bruce Banner in Avengers and his corresponding six-movie contract makes a Hulk movie with little-to-no Bruce Banner in it seem less than attractive to audiences. Latino Review's El Mayimbe is still sticking by his scoop, however, meaning the rumors abide for the moment.

No matter what pans out, Planet Hulk fans can always reread the PH comics or get a feature fix with the 2010 direct-to-home video animated movie.

[Via IGN]

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