We feel badly for not paying more attention to DC Comics' Power Girl series. As you know, we're incredibly dedicated Amanda Conner fans; so much so that when she left the book in 2010's issue #12, we became bitter and despondent that such a perfect pairing of artist and character had come to an end. But as you can see from the teaser graphic above, it seems the time has come to give Power Girl -- now written by Judd Winick with artwork by Sam Basri -- another look. Especially because Power Girl #23 features not just Superman but another ComicsAlliance staff favorite whom we've neglected for too long: Zatanna.On sale this week, Power Girl #23 finds Power Girl and her cousin (of one or two Earths removed) Superman find themselves fighting the one thing Kryptonians are helpless against: magic. When the supernatural attacks, who you gonna call? Naturaly, Zatanna, who in this issue reveals not just her amusing outgoing voicemail message, but also her incredibly cheesy ringtone as well. Caleb's Note: And is Basri paying homage to Axe Cop's Wexter in the preview's second page?

Power Girl #23 goes on sale this Wednesday in finer comic book stores and can also be pre-ordered online at Things From Another World. Collected editions of previous Power Girl issues include volume 1, A New Beginning; volume 2, Aliens and Apes; and volume 3, Bomb Squad.


Written by JUDD WINICK

Art and cover by SAMI BASRI

You might think Power Girl and Superman would be more than up to the task of taking down a few dozen dinosaurs – but we forgot to mention they were magic dinosaurs. The kind that spontaneously grow wings. And shoot lasers from their eyes. Under ordinary circumstances, they'd turn to Zatanna for help – but it looks like she's the one who summoned the dinos in the first place! What's going on here?

On sale APRIL 20 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US, RATED T

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