Even though he's already had more than his share of costumes, Wolverine's wardrobe always has room for another suit. With floating memberships on half a dozen super teams, the best there is at what he does needs a look for all seasons. That's why it seemed appropriate that Project Rooftop called for a Wolvie redesign contest in honor of the new "Wolverine: Weapon X" series, with writer Jason Aaron and artist Ron Garney serving as guest judges.

The grand prize went to Lee Chen Fang, with a lit-up Wolverine strapped with plated armor and pouches. It's not quite Liefeldian, but as the judges suggest, there's definitely a video game aesthetic going on. Other designs seemed to channel animation, past comics and even current styles to outfit the man called Logan.

This isn't the first contest the blog has held. Previous competitions called for a more fashionable Superman, a more contemporary Batman and an Invincible Iron Man overhaul.

You can scope PR's winners here to find your personal favorite.

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