I'm not sure how we missed this, as it's been up for over a week and it stars one of our favorite artists, but Rafael Grampá is featured in two Absolut Vodka commercials, and in them he comes off just as chill as you'd hope. Not only that, but in one -- titled "Rafael Grampá's Story" -- he discusses the origins of one of his projects, his work before comics, and his desire to "find the beauty in the ugly."


The commercials are part of an ad campaign titled "Absolut: Transform Today," and the first features Grampá collaborating with fashion designer Yiqing Yin, musician Woodkid, and digital media artist Aaron Koblin:



The second ad is over three minutes long, and is a spotlight on Grampá. As you see him walking through his neighborhood in his native Brazil, he discusses several topics relating to his career, including leaving a job as a director at an animation studio to pursue his lifelong dream of drawing comics, and the motivation behind his critically lauded first graphic novel, Mesmo Delivery:



Grampá is presumably still working on Furry Water, his highly anticipated miniseries for Dark Horse. For now, you can take a look at a few teaser images for the book below, and reacquaint yourself with one of the best artists in the game, who also happens to be a pretty damn good pitchman for vodka.