Not a figment of your imagination, not a universe created by the reality-altering powers of a horribly deformed mutant - there really are Justice Guild of America action figures on the way, and they're going to be available very, very soon.

A new Justice League Animated four-pack is finding its way online over at Matty Collector today, in fact. Included in the pack are Green Guardsman, Black Siren, Tom Turbine and The Streak, four of the members of the quasi-real Justice Guild of America featured in the two-part "Legends" episode of the "Justice League" animated series.

Although these heroes are indeed heroic, they're also not really real. Based on some of John Stewart's favorite comic book characters, the JGA were brought into reality by Ray Thompson, their young sidekick that's actually a freakish creature that warped reality to conform to his own ideals. Eventually, Tom Turbine and the others volunteer to let themselves fade away into nonexistence in order to restore their home of Seaboard City to its natural state.

So, yeah, pretty screwed up. Now you can reenact that entire screwed up story with these four figures! Assuming, of course, you're not entirely creeped out.

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