As if it wasn't bad enough that Japan has already constructed a 60-foot Gundam statue that's destined to murder us all, now we've got remote controlled fighting versions of the mecha suits to worry about as well.

Kotaku has posted a video from the International Robot Expo in Tokyo featuring a one-on-one battle between two remote controlled Gundam robots. These cybernetic combatants can't be much taller than two feet, but the fighting prowess demonstrated in this match-up has me absolutely terrified.

Can you imagine if such remote-controlled warfare could be translated to the 60-foot Gundam replicas we've already seen? Do you have any idea what that means? It means the apocalypse, folks, and I'm not talking about that malicious Marvel mutant - I'm talking about something much more silly but nonetheless deadly.

When 2012 rolls around, don't be surprised when your loved ones are snatched from their bedroom windows by these enormous man-hunting machines - that's just the future, guys, and it's going to be populated by human-hunting Gundam killers, remotely operated by a handful of bunker-bound Japanese videogamers who consequently become Earth's overlords until they themselves are wiped out by the suddenly sentient robots they tragically built.

As Hudson would say right about now, it's game over man. Game. Frakkin'. Over.

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