Moon Knight #10 coverPress Release

Marc Spector has been to hell and back over the last year, as his super hero persona Moon Knight made some shocking decisions. But now that he's seemingly on the road to putting his life back together, rebuilding the body that houses his once broken spirit, tragedy intends to strike in the form of an old friend. Moon Knight #10 continues the gripping "Midnight Son" storyline by noted novelist Charlie Huston and new artist Mico Suayan. And what would a story about revenge be without The Punisher? The two heroes have crossed paths before, but with the fallout from Civil War, both men have been changed irrevocably. Is the city big enough for both of them? We're going to find out!

The critics continue to rave about this gritty super hero series. "I think Moon Knight is one of the best series out from Marvel Comics right now and I feel anyone who likes a good story should be reading this," said Timothy Lee of PaperbackReader.Com.

Writer Charlie Huston reflects on his MOON KNIGHT run. "These things are a lot more work than they look like," he says. "I think the popular perception of creating comics is of a bunch of overgrown adolescents bouncing ideas around the Marvel bullpen and pulling out the ones they think are coolest and going to work. The truth is that it's rather more like tweezing the wings from dead flies and transplanting them to disabled flies born without wings. If that makes sense. There's just an enormous amount of detail work involved in crafting a 22 page comic that develops character, moves plot, allows for the requisite amount of action, fits with Marvel continuity, and is, in fact, reasonably cool. It's fun, but it's most certainly work." For more from Huston, visit now.

Don't miss a moment as Charlie Huston starts moving the pieces towards the shocking conclusion of his first year on Moon Knight. If you think you know how it's all going to end, you're probably wrong!

MOON KNIGHT #10 (FEB072139)
Cover & Pencils by MICO SUAYAN
Parental Advisory ...$2.99
FOC- 4/26/07, On Sale- 5/16/07

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