Announced this week to great fanfare from the comics Twittersphere as well as here at ComicsAlliance HQ was Venom, a new ongoing series by Rick Remender and Tony Moore. The creators of Dark Horse's Fear Agent and a memorably insane run on Marvel's Punisher will bring their signature style of charm and ultra-violence to the ceaselessly salivating alien symbiote, whose new host has yet to be revealed.

More on Venom after the jump, including concept art by Tony Moore that suggests a very cool Venom/Grendel-Prime look for the character.

Launching in March 2011, Venom will find the dangerous alien entity thrust into the espionage genre as an agent of the U.S. Government, making the title something of a stylistic hybrid of Remender & Moore's Fear Agent and Punisher work.

"The tone merges the same brand of ferocious hardcore violence fans of Venom would expect with the international high-adventure of 'The Bourne Identity,' globe trotting from bleak Eastern European war zones to exotic Marvel Universe locations like the Savage Land," lays out Remender. "It's James Bond style worldwide adventuring with high stakes espionage, intrigue, fast action and an opening mission that holds the stability of the world in the balance. The result is a harsh lesson in the consequence of a secret life, and the mental duress of an exhilarating, yet temporary, [redacted].

The identity of Venom's new host may be revealed in Amazing Spider-Man #654.1, which is a setup story that continues directly into Venom #1. What we do know is that whoever it is will be tested by the powerful symbiote, who threatens to take our hero over completely as he tries to keep his secret Venom work secret from loved ones and battles familiar Spider-Man characters.

"Given the difficulty controlling the nefarious symbiote, our protagonist's mettle is well tested. Our focus isn't the suit; it's the man inside the suit and the sacrifice he makes by wearing it. To me, the character is a hero going in, what will the suit do to him, and will he comes out a hero, remains to be seen."