It’s been a little while since the last update on Deadpool 2, so we’re definitely due for some fresh news — like this casting report, which suggests that several great actresses are on Fox’s shortlist for the role of Domino, a character who has been consistently rumored for the highly-anticipated sequel. According to the latest rumor, the studio is eyeing a handful of stars to play the mutant mercenary (and X-Force member), including Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Kingsman favorite Sofia Boutella.

According to Collider, sources close to production on Deadpool 2 claim that Fox has narrowed the search for Domino down to a list that includes Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Sofia Boutella (who also recently appeared in Star Trek Beyond), Lizzy Caplan, Sienna Miller, Stephanie Sigman (Spectre) and Sylvia Hoeks (a Dutch actress who appears in the upcoming Blade Runner 2049).

That’s a somewhat diverse list, at least in terms of age range, but the real standouts are Winstead, who showcased her John McLane-style action tactics in 10 Cloverfield Lane; Caplan, who has often played irreverently witty characters and could definitely make a great foil for Ryan Reynolds’ mouthy hero; and Boutella, who displayed riveting action skills in Kingsman and Star Trek Beyond, and proved herself quite charming in the latter.

Fox’s shortlist is said to include more names, but the six above have allegedly already tested or are scheduled to test for the role in the coming weeks.

Like Deadpool, Domino is a mutant and mercenary and has been featured as a member of X-Force (which Fox is also developing into a film). She’s an occasional ally to the Merc With a Mouth, and has a romantic history with Cable, whose involvement in the sequel was confirmed in the Deadpool post-credits scene. A previous rumor suggested that Kyle Chandler and Mackenzie Davis (Halt and Catch Fire) were being considered for the roles of Cable and Domino, respectively.

Original director Tim Miller and screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are returning for the sequel, which begins filming early next year. There is currently no official release date for Deadpool 2.


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