THQ closed an Australian studio awhile back that was rumored to be working on an Avengers game -- or at least a pitch for one. Looking at leaked video from said studio's former senior animator Mike Smout, and the LinkedIn profiles of two former THQ employees caught by WouldYouKindly however, it seems unlikely the studio was actively working on a literal tie-in to next summer's The Avengers movie. Still, the Ultimates influenced character models of Thor, Captain America, and Hawkeye beating up alien Skrulls (and... messing with walls?) that came out of the situation are plenty of fun to look at. Smout's video of the designs in action has been password-protected on Vimeo since news broke, but you can check out some images captured by WYK after the jump.Superhero movie tie-in games aren't always the bee's knees, but it seems like Marvel/Disney wouldn't pass up the opportunity to get a proper The Avengers movie tie-in game in the hands of fans. Sega's handled Iron Man, Thor and Captain America's movie games, so they seem like a pretty logical place for a current-gen console game to manifest. But who knows? Maybe The Avengers gaming offerings will be limited to slimmer ports like iOS or handheld console titles? Whatever the case, there are going to be some blue dudes and dudettes out there if electronically assembling Avengers isn't on the table in 2012.

[Via Joystiq]

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