After a few years of relative quiet, Shotaro Ishinimori's Kikaider is set for a major resurgence. On May 18 a new version of the android hero will team with Kamen Rider Gaim in the 30th episode of the character's eponymous tokusatsu series to fight Kikaider's classic rival Hakaider. One week later on May 24 the conscience-circuit-equipped robot will star in a solo film, Kikaider REBOOT, which could result in an ongoing TV series. Though action figure fans will have to wait until April of 2015 to unbox it, Bandai Japan has opened preorders for a limited edition S.H. Figuarts action figure incarnation of the character's 1971 manga and TV style.

Available in limited quantities for ¥4,860 (roughly $47.55 USD) from Bandai, the 5.9" tall action figure will come packed with eight interchangable hands. Unfortunately, the figure doesn't seem to come equipped with the character's trademark acoustic guitar.

Even though Kikaider's new multimedia projects may not arrive through official channels quickly in North America, fans have easy access to five volumes of Ishinomori's awesome manga through ComiXology.

You can check out all of Bandai's official S.H. Figuarts Kikaider action figure images below.



[Via Bandai]