A few weeks ago, we posted a set of redesigns by students at the Savannah College of Art and Design inspired by Marvel's American Panther, including one by SCAD's own Jackie Lewis. I had the chance to meet Jackie this past weekend at Fluke 2011 in Athens, GA, and it turns out that turning the Red Skull into an icon of American patriotism isn't the only incredible transformation she's pulled off -- she's also done a set of Sad Baby Monsters that show a softer side of horrors, from mythological beasts like the Hydra and the Chimera, all the way down to pop culture icons like Cthulhu and The Rancor from Star Wars!

It's not exactly clear what made these monsters so sad -- a stubbed toe? A lost ball? Not enough people to devour and sate their endless, all-consuming hunger for death? -- but the end result is that they're adorable. Check out the entire set after the jump!

Sad Baby Rancor

Sad Baby Hydra

Sad Baby Minotaur

Sad Baby Kappa

Sad Baby Kelpie

Sad Baby Manticore

Sad Baby Centaur

Sad Baby Alicorn

Sad Baby Chimera

Sad Baby Griffon

Sad Baby Mothman

For more of Jackie's incredible art, check out Jackie Makes Comics, and keep an eye out for her at conventions -- BC/CC is a must-buy.

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