Sailor Moon Drops appeared all over my social media a few weeks ago. First one friend, then another, then another started playing, and I couldn’t resist joining them, even though I had no idea what it was. It had Sailor Moon! That was enough for me!

If you've also found yourself wondering what this game is that all your friends are playing, or if you want to relive the experience of falling into a Sailor Moon Drops hole, let me talk you through my initial experiences with the game...

  • 1

    So, this is Candy Crush plus Sailor Moon! Awesome!

    Sailor Moon Drops is a match-three mobile game, like Candy Crush. It was available only to Japanese users until early April, when it was released in the North American iTunes and Android app stores in English.

    Level goals include hitting certain scores, clearing trapped pieces, and bringing accessories like Sailor Moon’s tiara or transformation brooch down to the bottom of the screen. Moon Prism Power!

  • 2

    Okay, so it’s more like Candy Crush plus Marvel Puzzle Quest wrapped up in Sailor Moon!

    Once I got past a few levels I got to battle bad guys. This is what I was waiting for! Fighting evil by moonlight. And daylight. And the blue light of my phone screen.

    Like Marvel Puzzle Quest, you match gems of certain colors to wound the evil jerks trying to… well, actually, I don’t know what they’re trying to do. The story in Sailor Moon Drops is pretty minimal.

  • 3

    No, Tuxedo Mask, I do NOT need your help.

    If you run out of moves before completing the level, Tuxedo Mask shows up offering to give you more moves. At a cost, of course, because nothing is free. Thankfully, you’ve got five hearts (or lives) to work with, so you have a few chances to replay the level. Once you run out of hearts, you’ve got to wait.

  • 4

    Still no, Tuxedo Mask, I've got three more hearts!

    Tuxedo Mask is very persistent in the worst way.

  • 5

    Okay FINE, I'll take your stupid rose and extra moves.

    I hate giving in, but this game is so addictive and I don't want to wait for my hearts to refresh.

  • 6


    Tuxedo Mask, you are the worst!

  • 7

    The best part of this game is collecting all my Sailor Scouts. Girls, I got you.

    The game starts with only the character of Sailor Moon, but as you progress through the levels you meet other magical girls and help them become the amazing Sailor Scouts that they were destined to be. I’m powering through until I get Sailor Jupiter!

  • 8

    And playing with my real friends, sending hearts to my best ladies.

    I did not understand the point of adding friends on Sailor Moon Drops until I realized we could send each other hearts. With my community supporting me, I can keep ignoring Tuxedo Mask and his offers of help. Feminist collective forever.

  • 9

    Why can I only have 30 friends? Magical girls are very popular.

    The dumb thing about this game is that you can only have 30 friends. Considering Sailor Moon has so much to say about friendship, that seems like a poor design choice. I would also really love the ability to send messages to my friends within the game, so I can complain about Rei’s disappointed face to someone who would understand.

  • 10

    I only have to wait 20 more minutes for my hearts to refresh!

    The good thing about free-to-play games is that they force you to take breaks when you lose enough levels. I suppose I can watch an episode of Sailor Moon Crystal while my hearts reload...