We've seen both full-size and key chain plushes, but Scott Pilgrim fans are officially getting the holy grail of licensed toy products from Mezco. As spotted at Comic-Con by Tomopop, at least one 6" SP action figure is on the way.

The booth doesn't seem to specify a release date for this or any other SP action figures, but from the prototypey status of the toy (finished toys sometimes include packaging in displays), it probably won't surface until at least after Mezco's plushes hit in August. Of course, I would love to be completely wrong in my assumptions and see them up for preorder very, very soon.

Furthermore, it's nice to see Mezco focusing on the SP comic for likeness rather than capitalizing on the live action "Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World." Don't get me wrong, I'd likely buy either version, but I'll pick Bryan Lee O'Malley's art in articulated 3-D over a potentially heinous Michael Cera sculpt any day.

See more shots of Scott brandishing his bass and sword after the jump.