With the August 13 release date of "Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World" just more than a week away, Universal Pictures is pulling out all the promotional stops to keep the movie on fankind's hivemind. Their latest effort, the SPvtW interactive trailer, combines a retro gaming aesthetic with an achievement-oriented fact-unlocking click quest.

Sure, the interactive trailer's accomplishments can be obtained by less-than-skillful button mashing (or in this case, mouse or trackpad mashing), and some of the unlockable facts are common knowledge to fans who've been following the Bryan Lee O'Malley adaptation for awhile, but it's still worth a spin or two for the hilarious intro by director Edgar Wright. True to his deadpan British delivery, "It's very exciting."

Try out the interactive trailer for yourself after the jump to see if you can beat my current high score of 5,700 (or just click "Reveal All" at the end to soak up each of the interactive trailer's bits of trivia).

[Via Empire]

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