Despite coffee's inherent importance to the creation of comics, blogging about comics, or staying up late enough to catch up on reading comics, there's a distinct lack of coffee-themed sequential art on the stands.

This March, Scott Saavedra's collected "Java Town" from SLG Publishing should help fill the void.

The latest chapter of Saavedra's Coffee-themed tale is a component of the Web Comic Project, described on his Web site as "a year-long effort to find a profitable path for cartooning in a digital world." The new strip's a little more than 2/3 of the way through, with weekly Webcomic updates on the JT site.

March's upcoming "Java Town and Other Destinations" will collect Saavedra's earlier SLG installments of the series, along with the new series for the full cuppa' Joe. I'm craving my third cup of the stuff already.

Check out SLG's animated trailer after the jump...

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