We're equally entertained and disturbed when troubled starlets and maniacal (ex) sitcom stars go off the deep end. But no mere mortal's missed court date, botched rehab or other sort of meltdown can compare to the depravity of Screamland's Wolf Man, Count Dracula or The Mummy. Back in 2008 Harold Sipe and Hector Casanova's five-issue Image Comics miniseries exposed the lurid lives of Hollywood's washed-up movie monsters, whose accomplishments as cinema's most iconic menaces had long since been eclipsed by CGI, 3-D and fresh-faced paranormal romance fare. This June, Screamland howls back into comic shops as a fully-loaded ongoing series by Sipe and co-writer Christopher Sebela with new series artist Lee Leslie and colorist Buster Moody. No monster is safe.

To catch you up on the latest monster gossip in advance of the new ongoing series, the creators of Screamland have provided ComicsAlliance with the entire contents of Screamland #0, a special preview issue which you can read for free right now. You're welcome.Scalped and Wolverine scribe Jason Aaron supplied no small amount of praise for the series in the foreword of the initial volume of Screamland:

Screamland is a gorgeously-drawn, expertly-dialogued work of razor sharp satire and all around hilarity. Read Screamland, and I promise you'll laugh. You might even guffaw. Maybe a cackle or two as well, if you're lucky. If you don't laugh, then you most assuredly have no soul and should immediately seek the advice of a priest or learned occultist. You have either been the recent victim of a clandestine succubus attack or else you've unknowingly signed a pact with no less than Beelzebub himself. In either case I say God help you, you wretched, soulless, humorless bastard.

We at CA suspect you'll agree with Aaron's sentiments as you catch up on the series with the special Screamland #0 (with a special cover by Steven Sanders) below.

Screamland #1 arrives in stores June 8 with 32 full-color pages for $2.99. The issue's currently up for preorder via Diamond order code, APR11 0407, which you may helpfully provide to your local comics store to make sure they order you a copy.

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