At C2E2's Mondo Marvel panel, the House of Ideas has announced a second ongoing Thor title with an all-new setting starting this July care of writer Roger Langridge and artist Chris Samnee.

Not to be confused with the team book "The Mighty Avengers," this reimagined series will take an all-ages approach to a new "Thor" continuity. The book will have a decidedly positive tone: "There's a streak of hope a mile wide in the whole concept of superheroes that hasn't been exploited much in recent years, doubly so in a comic where one of the central icons is a rainbow," Langridge told "So, yes, I'm all about the hope... I'm hoping to strike a balance between the extraordinary and the human, between light-hearted and dramatic, which seems to me to be fundamental to the Marvel approach going right back to Stan Lee.

Editor Nate Cosby fleshed out what readers can expect, describing a guy who "sort of looks like a Norse hobo" being found by a female museum curator who presumably helps awaken Thor at just the right time -- perhaps to fight a robot the size of a city?"

Samnee's new look for the Thunder God seems to draw its influence from both classic and modern Asgardian motifs from Marvel, with Thor sporting tweaked versions of his tunic, cape and helmet. It's clearly a comic style, but with the "Thor" film coming in 2011, it leaves us wondering if there could be some sort of stylistic cross-pollination.

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