Since the release of Marvel Studios' Iron Man in 2008, the genius, billionaire, philanthropist playboy has emerged as arguably the most popular character in the Marvel cinematic universe. As a result, there's been a high demand for merchandise showing of the iconic character in all manner of metallic garments.

Many of you may be familiar with Hot Toys' continuing efforts to release as many Iron Man armors as is humanly possible, but those figures have largely been confined to the film versions. If you're looking for comic book styles, your choices have been much more limited. However, you'll have some new options to choose from thanks to Sentinel's RE:EDIT line.

This week, Sentinel released the details for its Extremis armor Iron Man, the second in its planned line of various suits based on the comic book iteration of the character. Late last year, Bleeding Edge Iron Man was the first to arrive on the scene. Sentinel also has new figures based on the comic versions of Iron Patriot, War Machine, Hulkbuster and the black and gold Iron Man (from the Kieron Gillen/Greg Land run) in development, but Extremis is the next in line.

The Extremis armor debuted in the Warren Ellis/Adi Granov story arc of the same name, which served as a bit of inspiration for Iron Man 3's plot. The nanotech virus does make a pretty sharp set of armor, and designer Chemical Attack's take on the suit is slightly stylized while still staying true to the comic origins. The figure has LED lights in the chest and head, with enough articulation to create a wide range of familiar (and overused) poses. There'll also be five sets of hands, and a display stand to show Iron Man flying or standing stoically in the hall or armor.

At seven inches, the price point is a little high for my taste. The figure will run upwards of $170, which puts it just on the fringe of the Hot Toys price point for a 12 inch figure. It looks cool, for sure, but with so many different Iron Man figures on the market (and more likely to come), you can afford to be picky about which versions you add to your collection.

The Sentinel RE:EDIT Extremis Iron Man is available for pre-order now at retailers like Big Bad Toy Store for $189.99. It's due to arrive in May.


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