Grover already has a superhero alias, so why shouldn't he pick one up as tournament-ready master of Yoga Fire as well? This seems to have been thought process at work for deviantART user Matt Crane who put together a gallery of Street Fighter Muppet and Sesame Street mash-ups that look like nothing you're liable to see in an Udon comic anytime soon
- at least as far as any public announcements that have been made are concerned.

If Capcom, Udon and Sesame Workshop feel like scheduling a meeting at Comic-Con International this year, however, they should wholeheartedly consider inviting Crane, whose deviantART user account is gavacho13. There, he's buffed up Burt and Ernie to Liefeldian proportions as Ryu and Ken, furried up E. Honda as Cookie Monster and scarred up Big Bird to become a master of the Tiger Uppercut.

The Oscar the Grouch Blanka jam may be most inspired of all, though I don't know how well that trash can is going to conduct electricity for his shock attacks.

Check out a full smattering of gavacho13's mashups after the jump.

[Source: Kotaku]

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