Aside from BB-8, the most-wanted action figure/collectible for Star Wars fans this season has to be anything Captain Phasma. A bit of that desirability comes from how rare the figure has been at retail, as both the Disney Elite, Hasbro Black Series and the Hasbro 3.75" versions have all be very hard to get your hands on. That of course springs from the character's mysterious nature and kick-ass costume. Also, she's played by Gwendoline Christie, making Phasma immediately one of the most bad-ass characters in Star Wars canon. And she hasn't uttered a single word yet. Phasma is basically the Boba Fett of The Force Awakens from a collector's standpoint.

As difficult as it's been to track down the current crop of collectibles, you can believe that the upcoming SH Figuarts Captain Phasma will be equally as hot when it hits the market. It's a bit of a challenge to get Figuarts figures here in the States already, but when you add in the fervor around this character, it starts to shape up into a perfect storm of impossible odds. That is, if you hope to pay normal, human prices, and not the "time to sell a kidney" prices the second-hand market often deems as "fair" and "reasonable."

Unlike the few Phasma figures that have hit the market so far, this one at least appears to be shiny. Hasbro's versions are shiny in the way that most plastic figures are, but don't truly give off the impression of chrome armor plating the character wears on screen. While the Figuarts version also isn't chrome'd out, the images released to show off a much shinier suit than what we've seen so far. At this point, the only figure that's likely to feature actual metal parts is Hot Toys', which will not only be expensive, but in higher demand than probably every other figure in its upcoming Force Awakens line. But I digress.

Phasma's cloak appears to be a bit longer than the norm as well, though it will still be made of soft plastic and not fabric. There's definitely some good articulation shown in the images, and the blaster rifle has much more detail than we've seen from other companies so far. It's still rather plain, but with Lucasfilm playing things so close to the vest, it's also not surprising the accessorization is so minimal.

The SH Figuarts Captain Phasma is due to arrive in February 2016 for ‎¥5616 (~$47). Pre-orders will being on Oct. 1.

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