When it comes to Catwoman, Michelle Pfeiffer is arguably the best on-screen portrayal of the character we've ever seen. Sure, Anne Hathaway was certainly "a" Catwoman. Eartha Kitt and Julie Newmar stand on their own in the funky world of Batman 1966, so you can't really compare them to any other era's Catwoman fairly. Even if you did, there's a fair chance Pfeiffer still comes out on top. Her performance was memorable for all the right reasons, and still stands up even all these years later. Isn't it about time someone paid proper tribute to her in collectible form?

It's been nearly 25 years since Batman Returns hit theaters, and in all that time since the film's release, this particular version of Catwoman just hasn't gotten her fair shake of memorabilia. Only recently have companies like Tweeterhead and Sideshow Collectibles even thought to look back a few decades for inspiration. An approaching milestone anniversary will do that for you. I suppose it's better this way, since 10 or 15 years ago, I probably wouldn't have been able to afford something as amazing as Sideshow's latest Premium Format Figure, the Batman Returns Catwoman.

Just like the Wu-Tang Clan, this Catwoman ain't nothing to mess with. Sideshow's crafted a lot of statues in the course of its history, and many of them have been very good. This Catwoman is great. Though a pose with a little bit of action would have made it more dynamic, this stance still manages to capture almost every hint of emotion and attitude Michelle Pfeiffer brought to the role. The slight lean and the titled gaze invoke some of the most classic femme fatales of the noir era, and you know this woman is going to be the death of you with just one look. You think she's interested, but she's really just sizing you up before she takes you down.

Sideshow's Premium Format Figures are typically mixed media pieces, but these production shots make it a little challenging to figure out just what's fabric and what's resin. I'd be very surprised if the entire statue is covered in pleather, but there will no doubt be areas that aren't cast materials. I would have loved to have seen an alternate head sculpt for an exclusive version, but as it stands this is still one magnificent sculpture.

The Batman Returns Catwoman Premium Format Figure will be available for pre-order starting this Thursday for $449.99.

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