While Hot Toys has been delivering hyper detailed 12" tall Batman figures based on the character's iconic cinematic costumes, Sideshow Collectibles will be releasing something special for fans seeking a sixth scale figure based on the character's comic book look in 2014. Sideshow's fully articulated figure donned in a hand-tailored fabric Batsuit, cape and utility belt will come packed with a very Batman-y assortment of crimefighting accessories. And what accessory is more important than the human head? The figure will suitably ship with a masked head with short bat ears, a head with a mask with longer bat ears, and a preorder exclusive battle-damaged head. To aid in the figure's war on crime, Sideshow is also including multiple swappable hands, a grapple hook gun, three bat shurikens, one Batarang, and a Kryptonite ring... just in case a certain Man of Steel starts to, say, lazily snap necks in front of children (hypothetically).

This version of Batman is a bit of a stylistic conglomeration, bearing elements of a few iconic comic book costumes. If you dug Batman's Hush-ish era look circa 2001-2011 (I can't believe we can now use the term "pre-New 52"), this design very well could be up your (crime) alley.

Due out in August, fans can preorder the sixth scale Batman direct from Sideshow for just under $200. The toymaker has released a slew of promo images -- including ones paired with Sideshow's other sixth scale Batverse characters -- which you can scroll through below.



[Via Sideshow]