You know who never gets enough credit for being one of the baddest warriors in comics? Gamora. It wasn't until the Guardians of the Galaxy hit theaters that enough people started paying attention to the space-faring slayer, but even after one of the most successful movies of all time and being one of the most hardcore members of the Guardians, Gamora collectibles are few and far between. But you know, being patient can often deliver in big ways. Especially when the pay off is as spectacular as a Kris Anka-designed statue.

Teased over the holidays, Sideshow's finally officially unveiled its Gamora Premium Format Figure. The statue is based on her Marvel Now outfit, which was around for like a week in comic book time before being wiped away by the Secret Wars crossover. Given how brief her time in this costume was, it is a little strange to see it be the basis for the piece, but that doesn't make Gamora any less fierce.

Despite ditching her more memorable duds for the Guardians reboot, there are still some elements from her days in that weird green mesh outfit and her Vampirella-style garb. Most notably, she has the golden skulls that once fastened a cape/cloak to her back. Now however, these brooches hold a hood in place for those moments when she needs to cover up that flowing green mane. That huge brown belt is still present too, as is the gigantic gold skull buckle. The older elements mixed with the space suit do look a little strange at first glance, but if you understand the character's costume history, the get-up makes a bit more sense.

I like the stance of Gamora being ready to strike. You don't know who she's about to fight, but you know that alien is in for a lot of trouble. Gamora is no joke in regular combat, but you put that sword in her hands, and she will flip you. She'll flip you for real. At first glance, it might appear that her facial expression is a little too soft for someone ready to throw down on a foreign planet, but Gamora's so sure of herself in battle she never gets rattled. The portrait shows a calmness before the storm that's about to strike.

There will be two versions of the statue available, with a Sideshow-exclusive version getting an additional hand holding a knife. She's already got the Godslayer, so a little Bowie knife isn't all that fearsome, but it certainly suits one of the Guardians of the Galaxy. The Gamora Premium Format Figure will be available for pre-order on Feb. 11 for $449.99.

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