No stranger to Marvel Comics or sixth-scale figures, it's a wonder it's taken so long for Sideshow Collectibles to launch an exclusive series of characters that mix both of those worlds. The Sideshow Marvel sixth-scale collection will feature a number of characters, like Wolverine and the Punisher, but kicked off earlier this year with everyone's favorite neighborhood mercenary, Deadpool.

Based on Sideshow's own concept, rooted more in the comic world than the cinematic one, Deadpool invokes a number of incarnations to arrive at a singular vision. He still falls prey to some of Sideshow's signature figure flaws, but has great detail, loads of accessories, and is an excellent start for the Marvel line.

Depending on where you fall on the Deadpool Spectrum, that there is yet another Deadpool figure might not be the thing you need to hear to get excited about Sideshow's efforts. I'm plum smack in the neutral zone for Wade Wilson, whose antics I sometimes enjoy, but I don't run around the house in Deadpool boxers. For those fans that are subscribing to each of Deadpool's 23 monthly comics, they've already bought two of these figures, and have them prominently displayed in the most coveted of collectible cabinets. That allegiance to the character isn't misguided though, at least insofar as this figure is concerned.



Out of the box, there's a lot of detail to take in. It's actually a bit overwhelming at first. There are just so many pouches. No, seriously. There are about 20 different pouches included with Deadpool, all of varying shapes and sizes. None of them actually offer any value beyond the cosmetic, which is either a really great meta-commentary on Sideshow's part, or just a coincidental part of production. I'll allow some that it's cleverness from Sideshow here though, as each pouch can be taken off the figure if you find tastes sliding further down the Liefeld Scale of Needless Embellishments.

Each of those pouches has some very fine (faux) leatherwork throughout, with clasps and seams readily visible and distinguishable. The same is true of all the straps, belts and holsters across Deadpool's body. This is a figure of a man with a tactical fashion sense that borders on over-packing for every adventure. Better to be too prepared than not prepared enough. Unlike the pouches, the clasps and buckles for all these straps actually work, so you can whittle down Deadpool's costume even further if you wish. The connections are tiny and thus fragile, so if you do tinker with these elements, you'll want to be careful in case you ever change your mind about how much Deadpool should be wearing.

Beneath all the accoutrements is a fine tailored costume, which is a very realistic take on the red and black bodysuit the character is constantly wearing. It's not quite as military grade as the one seen in the movie, nor is spandexy like costumes at some contemporaries. There's a lot of nice stitching providing some depth and texture to the costume, and it's weathered a bit to give the impression Wade's been through some battles. Most importantly however, there's room to move. Too many sixth-scale figures come with clothing that doesn't breathe, and you can't pose the figures in any kind of stance beyond being at attention. While he won't be doing any splits, Deadpool can definitely move his legs and arms with above average flexibility, allowing you to pose him how you see fit.



With all the hands and weapons included, you'll have plenty of poses to create, too. Aside from the traditional closed fists, pistol grip hands and "C" grip hands, Deadpool includes an "okay" hand, a "thumbs up" hand, and an "peace sign" hand. The grip hands are a little loose when holding items, which is a longrunning issue with Sideshow's sixth-scale figures. You'll still be able to get the swords and guns in there without issue, but they don't sit as snuggly as they should. The hands all pop off with ease when you want to change them around, but the gauntlets on both wrists make it a little hard to fit the replacing hands on there correctly without some effort. Fortunately, Sideshow includes a set of wrist ball-joints for every hand in the box if you run into any breakage issues.

The sculpts on the hands are otherwise nice, and the same can be said for the two heads included in the set. The heads are nearly identical, save for one being a serious face and the other having a more quizzical look. Both are in line with Deadpool's personality at any given time, and have good detailing in the brow wrinkling. The portraits also do a great job of making it look like there's a actual head under the mask, deformed as it is. Too often fully masked characters just get that smooth sculpt, but here you can see a jaw and cheekbones, his ears and whatever is left of his nose, too.



With two katanas, a serrated knife, two pistols, two grenades and an assault rifle, you'd think the accessorization for Deadpool would end there. You'd be wrong, of course. Sideshow's taken the character's penchant for being a chatterbox to heart, and has included two word balloon displays to go along with Deadpool. They also inserted a sheet of dialogue on reusable stickers so you can actually make it look like Deadpool is saying something in that caustic tone he has wherever he goes. The word balloons come in traditional white and the yellow so synonymous with Deadpool's inner monologue, so you can even have him breaking the fourth wall in the third dimension. That's some next level Deadpooling right there.

This Deadpool is a great figure, and indicates Sideshow has a lot of talented people on hand ready to unleash their skills in sculpting, fabrication and tailoring on the Marvel Universe. Sideshow's shown it's more than capable of holding its own with the sixth-scale competition already, but Deadpool shows some tremendous effort to make the new Marvel line stand out from the crowd. If the rest of the figures in this series are as well-made as Deadpool, there are going to be a lot of full display cases (and empty wallets) coming very soon.



The Sideshow Collectibles Marvel Deadpool Sixth-scale Figure is available now for $229.99. This figure was provided by Sideshow Collectibles for review.