Sideshow Collectibles doesn't often venture to New York Comic Con, but when it does, the company manages to roll out more than enough surprises for fans. While the booth at NYCC was decidedly smaller than that at San Diego Comic-Con --- which was a bit of a relief, to be honest --- that doesn't mean there weren't some great new statues and figures on display. This NYCC in particular was especially good for Sideshow's Premium Format Figure line, which debuted a half-dozen new pieces.

Given Sideshow's predilection for Star Wars, the very first Jyn Erso and Rey Premium Format Figures making an appearance was a no-brainer. Kylo Ren and the First Order Stormtrooper beating Rey to the high-end statue line was a bit of a bummer, but now that she's finally arrived, it's clear the wait will have been worth it. The Jakku Rey has some terrific costuming, though the portrait is just a tad off. There's still time to get that polished before it all releases though, so it's not a direct cause for concern just yet. The pose and the base offer a strong silhouette, and coupled with the separate BB-8 Premium Format Figure, should make a nice display piece in your Star Wars wing.

Oh you don't have one of those? Well then I guess you won't have room for the new Jyn Erso statue either. Jyn fares a bit better in the initial head sculpt, as that captures a bit more of Felicity Jones from more angles than the Rey. Where Jyn stands out though is in the outstanding costume detail. There are a lot of elements in play, and Sideshow has nailed nearly every one perfectly. Now we just have to hope Jyn can live up to her own hype in the movie to make such an extravagant collectible worth investing in.

Marvel and DC also got some Premium Format love from Sideshow, with the gigantic Bane that we saw in early prototype form at SDCC revealed in its painted splendor. The DC pieces Sideshow has been releasing have all been stellar, but this Bane is just outrageous. It's huge, it captures the character perfectly, and the attention to detail all the way through the shattered Bat-signal base will keep your eyes busy for a long time. The Marvel Venom and Carnage aren't quite as magnificent, but they are strong pieces in their own rights.

I've never been a real Carnage fan, but I can appreciate the design here. You have to be a rather devoted fan to want that kind of character on display in your home, but even if you're just filling out your Spider-Man Rogues' Gallery, it's hard to be disappointed with the effort. Venom is a bit more splendid, his classic, hulking appearance makes for a fine collectible. With characters like these, you don't get the same mixed-media efforts of some of Sideshow's other pieces, but the sculpts and bases are just as impeccable regardless. Coupled with the Spider-Man pieces already available in this line, Venom would make a find addition to any collection... provided you can afford him.


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