After the news that Marvel and Sony had come to an agreement to co-produce a new series of Spider-Man movies, while also introducing the character into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, one of the items we immediately turned our attention to was Sony's planned Sinister Six spinoff, which was deep into development and was teased all through last summer’s Amazing Spider-Man 2. Director Drew Goddard (The Cabin in the Woods) had been working on the film since last year (he even left Netflix’s Daredevil series to focus on it) with a November 2016 release date planned. The future of that film seemed very tenuous this morning following the big announcement, but now comes news that the film is still in development at Sony.

Don't expect to see it a year from November, though. The news comes from The Wall Street Journal, which provided this update on Goddard’s Sinister Six:


Sony will no longer release its Spider-Man villain movie ‘The Sinister Six’ in November of 2016 as previously planned, said a person involved in its production. The studio will rethink its approach to the film, which remains in development, in light of the new agreement with Marvel.


None of that is surprising. There are reasons to still make a Sinister Six movie; Goddard is a genuine talent and if he’s got a good idea for the project, it could be a big hit. But there’s no way the movie will exist in the Amazing Spider-Man universe now, so the script will need to be overhauled. Plus, there’s also no way the Sinister Six movie debuts before the new Spider-Man reboot (which will set the ground rules for his current movie continuity) in July of 2017. So we might still see Goddard’s Sinister Six someday (we actually hope we do), but it’s not happening anytime soon.


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