Hellooooooooooooo Supergirl! Apparently, the El family genes are amazing, seeing as both Clark and Kara are TOTALLY HOT! Any arguments there?? Didn't think so ...

This week's episode was all about Kara (played by Laura Vandervoort), introducing her formally into the 'Smallville' world. She's 100% bad a and not at all afraid to show it, knocking Lois out after trying to take a photo of her spaceship and then flying off, right in front of Clark (before knowing he's her cousin). In fact, she's on a mission to find "young" Kal-El (she doesn't realize she's been in suspended animation for 18 years). Clark knows the blonde flyer is Kryptonian and confronts her about her business on Earth. You can't be too cautious after Zod, the Phantoms, and Brainiac have all caused him problems.

The best part about having Kara around is that Clark finally gets to learn more about his Kryptonian family. Kara tells him about her father Zor-El and the fact that he wasn't on speaking terms with brother Jor-El. Apparently the house of El has a lot of family secrets and she even says that their family is what humans would refer to as "dysfunctional." See, Clark, you're not so different after all!

While this storyline is developing, Lex is let out of jail with all charges dropped and has tracked down Lana and discovers she's in Shanghai. Off he goes to pay her a visit, where she promptly pulls out a gun. We then learn what really happened in that car explosion at the end of last season, and the news is shocking. We all knew Lex was screwed up, but this took it to a WHOLE new level. Poor, Lana ... she's been through way too much.

Finally, the "Lois as 'Daily Planet' reporter" angle of the 'Superman' story begins, when the new editor offers her a job. Congrats, Lo!

We're left at the end with Clark talking to Jor-el, who warns that Kara "poses a greater threat than you believe." Plus, the Department of Domestic Security is now involved with Kara's spaceship and Kryptionian crystal and Lex has a new obsession: Finding Kara, the "angel" who saved his life. Here we go again ...

Also wanted to note that it's interesting that Kristin Kreuk now has lower billing in the opening credits, as her role in the story is becoming smaller. Inevitable, but still a little sad.

Thoughts on the episode? Comments on next week's preview? Love to hear 'em!

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