Activision may have two more parallel universes to unveil before its upcoming "Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions" title rolls out later this year, but that doesn't mean the developer is shying away from showcasing content from the two realms fans have already seen. A new video provides a closer look at villains from the game's "Amazing" and "Noir" dimensions, including a colorful Kraven and grayscale versions of Hammerhead and Norman Osborn's Goblin persona.

In the "Amazing" world, Spider-Man faces off with a blade-wielding Kraven, utilizing a number of flashy web-based fighting techniques and alternating between what seem to be first-person and third-person perspectives. The "Noir" universe features a more up-close-and-personal fighting style with Hammerhead and Goblin wrestling with the Wallcrawler in shadowy environments.

Each villain looks pretty recognizable from their comic appearances, although Hammerhead is new to the "Noir" world and Noirman Osborn's (ha!) Goblin look seems to have been altered a bit for the game.

The new video doesn't serve to flesh out Dan Slott's story, which puts Spidey on a grand tour to fix the shattered Tablet of Order and Chaos, but fans will likely get more of a complete synopsis before long.

Give the video a spin after the jump.

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