Square Enix Play Arts Kai

Two of the newest (or... youngest?) heroes from the Assassin's Creed world are set to debut as part of Square Enix's Play Arts Kai line. Hatchet-weilding Assassin's Creed III protagonist Connor and the swashbuckling Edward Kenway from Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag are both set to join the 9.5" tall line of heavily detailed and accessorized action figures in the not-too-distant future.


So far both figures seem to come packed with a variety of swords and guns, plus a trick or two up each of their respective sleeves.

Exact release dates haven't been announced, nor have each figure's price tag. With AC IV set for a late October/early November release (depending on a player's platform of choice), it seems like the figures will probably follow suit within a month or so. As far as pricing goes, similar PAK figures fetch around $60-80, and since these characters are known for the amount of weapons they haul around with them on assassin-y adventures, it's a safe bet they'll skew toward the higher side of that range.

While it makes sense that these flagship Assassins are the top PAK priority, it will be interesting to see if any of the comics-specific crew -- such as Arbaaz Mir from Ubisoft's upcoming Assassin’s Creed : Brahman by Cameron Stewart, Karl Kerschl and Brenden Fletcher -- ever wind up getting figures.

You can see Square Enix's upcoming Play Arts Kai versions of Connor and Edward Kenway below.